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Glo Data Plans

From Globacom Nigeria.

The Glo Bolt internet service is the improved the most exciting internet service offering. The innovations are sure to revolutionize mobile internet services in Nigeria.

One great feature of Glo Bolt is the Self-Care Portal available at This portal is unique to Glo and only available on the Glo network. Access to the portal is free for all Glo subscribers and has a list of all subscription plans and promotions. Customers can also view their subscription status, enable/cancel auto renewal of their subscriptions and buy and activate plans.

Sharing Data Plans

Glo customers can now share their data plans with their friends, family and loved ones. For example: A customer with wife and 2 kids buys a data plan and rather than buy 4 individual plans, he buys only one plan and shares it with his 3 loved ones.

The loved ones will be notified via SMS from the network of the shared plan.

Sharing: USSD & SMS details –

To ADD people to share dial *127*01*<friend’s number>#


Send “Share <friend’s number>” to 127

To REMOVE people from sharing, dial *127*01*<friend’s number>#


Send “Remove <friend’s number>” to 127

To LIST PEOPLE sharing your subscription, dial *127*00#


Send “List” to 127

Gifting Data Plans

Glo customers can now buy a subscription and send it to friends, family and loved ones as ‘gifts’. This feature is especially useful when the person buying the gift (or ‘gifter’) doesn’t want to share his subscription with the intended recipient (giftee).

The gift recipient will be notified via customized SMS from the sender (and the network).

Gifting: USSD & SMS details –

To GIFT a subscription: Dial *127*<USSD_Plan_Number>*<friend’s number>#


Send “Gift <plan name> <friend’s number>” to 127

Other features

Laptops & Notebooks Data Plans

Plan              Service               Data Cap       Validity          Code                SMS             Time of use
Name           Rental                 Cap                Period                                   to 127

Always         N7,500              8GB                30 days        *127*1#           ’12′               All day

Always        N5,000              4GB                 30 days        *127*2#           ’11′              All day

Always        N500                 195MB            24 hours       *127*3#           ’10′              All day

G 300         N15,000            12GB               300               *127*4#           ’21′             All day
G 100         N6,000              4GB                100                *127*5#           ’20′            All Day
G work       N6,000               4GB                30 days          *127*6#          ’31′           8am – 9 pm
G leisure     N5000                4GB                30 days          *127*7#          ’30′         8pm to 9am everyday                                                                                                                              + all day during weekend

Mobile Phones & Tablets Data Plans

Plan                    Service                 Data            Validity          Code              SMS                    Target
Name                 Rental                   Cap             Period                                  to 127                  Device

Instant                N100                   13MB          24 hours        *127*51#       ‘51’                     Handset

One                   N400                    65MB         7 days            *127*52#       ‘52’                     Handset

Always              N1,000                 260MB       30 days          *127*53#       ‘53’                     Handset

Always              N3,000                 1.5 GB        30 days          *127*54#       ‘54’              Handset/Tablet
Router Data Plans

Plan                 Service           Data Cap       Validity          SMS           USSD
Name              Rental (N)                             Period

Silver               10,000          13GB              30 days         15               *127*11#
Gold                15,000          20GB              30 days         16               *127*12#
Platinum          18,000          30GB               30 days         17               *127*13#

Visit to buy plan, and more info. 

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