Friday, 27 September 2013

With 50 G's Yam Pounder Your Pounded Yam Palava is Over

This is good news for those who loves pounded yam.
You can now pound your yam without stress.

Who says you can't POUND YAM ?
Buy 50G Yam pounder.

50G Yam pounder:
*Pounds yam in 1:30 minutes
*Pounds yam, so Smooth, Elastic and lump-less
*One year warranty
*Installmental payment option available
*Home delivery 50G makes life better
Price: N38,000

50G is a consumer goods company offering innovative household products in the following categories-Home Care; Food Preparation; Home Cooling &Clothing Care50G website,

1 comment:

  1. Pls I have an issue with this your pounding machine ever since I bought it the first time, I tried to use it ,it was just sounding like a grinding machine the noise was too unbearable and it doesn't pound that day ,ever since then I have abandoned it in my kitchen ,pls is there anything you can do about it