Saturday, 19 October 2013

Manchester United Fans Calls For Moyes Resignation.

Manchester United 1 - 1 Southampton
After a disappointing draw at Old Trafford, there was a lot of negative responses from United's fans. Many asking for Moyes resignation. We were privileged to capture some responses from United fans.

This is what David Moyes said after the match:

"I thought we had really good pockets of play at some points of the game, but not enough control. Conceding in the last minute was a real sickener," said David Moyes after the draw with Southampton. "We’re aware of what we have to do now. We’ll get ready to go again, starting with the next game against [Real] Sociedad." More from the boss:

Here are some comments from Manchester United fans

Bradley Herbert Dhlakama man u is world class and moyes sucks. he should be sacked if man u wants to get back to winning wayz.. like if u agree or comment if u have something else in mind

Patrick Jumbo My team is going down,cos of You!!!!

Shahrul Shah 'Aizat' #sackmoyes #sackmoyes #sackmoyes #sackmoyes #sackmoyes #sackmoyes #sackmoyes #sackmoyes #sackmoyes #sackmoyes #sackmoyes #sackmoyes #sackmoyes #sackmoyes #sackmoyes #sackmoyes #sackmoyes #sackmoyes #sackmoyes #sackmoyes #sackmoyes #sackmoyes #sackmoyes

Philipo Mduma Moyes

Matheus Gonçalves de Pinho play kagawa and stop to make stupid substitutions DM...

Andy Nauyghtybut Nyce I think we have lost more games under David Moyes since the summer than in the last 5 seasons! Play Kagawa and play Zaha! Keep you're daughter away from the club and the players and then you're pride won't be hurt when they do what footballers do with women! You are a mid table manager at best the job is too big for you! I have lost faith in you and you're managerial style! I love Man Utd with all my heart and I'm actually ashamed that I've turned into a moaning fan but with results like this that old famous saying it gets worse before it gets better is something that is not in the United vocabulary! Get it together or resign and let someone with more passion and desire come in and do the job that our lord and Messiah Alex Ferguson used to do with flawless control season in season out each year!!!!

Yll Srisuriyaporn #MoyesOut #MoyesOut #MoyesOut #MoyesOut #MoyesOut #MoyesOut #MoyesOut #MoyesOut #MoyesOut #MoyesOut #MoyesOut #MoyesOut #MoyesOut #MoyesOut #MoyesOut #MoyesOut #MoyesOut #MoyesOut #MoyesOut #MoyesOut #MoyesOut #MoyesOut #MoyesOut #MoyesOut #MoyesOut #MoyesOut #MoyesOut #MoyesOut

We as the manchester united fans want to express our utmost sincere regrets for having accepted you as our maneger. From the look of things we could tell that your manegerial skills are not in any way helping us move any inch. We want to call for your immediate resignation without further notice. From my simple mathematics, there is no manager in the world of E.P.L who substitutes 'wayne rooney' with 'chris smalling'. Oh! Without forgetting, ur guy 'fellaine' is a PFS(programmed failing species) this is because he is so slow to react to a tuckle and so there is no way hez gonna get to blend into our game. For one to be one of our players he has to react swiftly and with speed. This season has been so stressing to us that all teams we seem to encounter seems to be sure with us. U cant have that courage to stand before the board of trusties and explain how you came to draw with south hampton on a possible winning game and if you do then go gotta have some gutz my man. I wonder what kind of a man you are when you keep zaha bench warming when he has the potential of raising our game. Anyway without much ado, i want you to know that i almost cried while watching the goal scored by lallana at the 89th minute.

Olusola Osabi Everton is 6th on the table now, they never achieve this when Moyes was in Everton

Carlos GoLa Moyes please resign you are not a good manager

Leckham Rango Lekgaez G E T O U T ! ! !

There were over ten thousand comment, with 97% calling for Moyes resignation. I'm wandering what the future holds for Manchester United under David Moyes as manager. Culled from Manchester United page on Facebook

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