Thursday, 24 October 2013

Shocking! Man Has Natural Brewery In His STOMACH Which Turns Food Into Pure Alcohol

I've been thinking a whole lot about this. I know it sounds cocky, but I can assure you that this isn't a cooked story. Its real.
Meet Matthew Hogg, 34, suffers from a rare condition known as auto-brewery syndrome, where an overgrowth of yeast in his small intestine produces pure ethanol that is then absorbed directly into the bloodstream.

The condition went undetected for 20 years meaning he spent years being 'drunk' after eating highly starchy or sugary foods - even when he was at primary school.

He is unable to hold down a job, and has to stick to a very strict diet as even a small portion of rice makes him feel like he has drunk three bottles of wine.

Mr Hogg, from Middlesbrough, said: "Every time I eat bread, potatoes or starchy rice I produce 100 per cent proof drinking alcohol that travels around my body through my bloodstream - if I eat a portion of rice I would suffer a hangover equivalent of having glugged three bottles of red wine the night before.

"I have experienced symptoms from birth and during my childhood there were countless times I suffered 'drunkenness' without having consumed an alcoholic beverage.
"I was a stubborn teenager and wanted a normal life so I insisted on partying and drinking and after sailing through my GCSEs I had to scrape through my A-Levels to go to university.

"But soon after starting I dropped out - I had noticed I was getting drunk more easily and was suffering severe hangovers after most meals."

"Drinking alcohol is now a big no - I already have my own personal brewery and the body was not designed to handle even more alcohol.

"Plus why pay someone else when I can make my own special brew."

While studying for his A-Levels Mr Hogg's condition became more severe and he would often experience 'drunk' affects, such as dizziness, nausea and even aggression, during classes.

Mr Hogg added: "I would start feeling intoxicated a few hours after having something to eat as my body began digesting it.

"I'm usually quite a shy and quiet person and had a lot of friends at school, but there were times when I would act like a raging drunk by saying horrible things to people, slurring words, upsetting people and just stirring up trouble.

"My parents were baffled by my behaviour. I had always been a quiet, sensible child and even as a teenager I was never prone to being moody or stroppy.

"But suddenly I started acting like Kevin the teenager, from Harry Enfield and chums."

The complexity of Mr Hogg's condition baffled NHS doctors, who insisted he visit a psychiatrist as a result of regularly missing school.

Source: Express

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