Thursday, 3 October 2013

You Can Now Charge Your iPhones With Mipwr iPhone Hand Charger

Well, you may have used electric, solar and generated power, to charge your iPhones, and sometimes you run out of battery in a place where there's no immediate power source to charge your iPhone. Here's good Mipwr, the mobile technology innovation group have been thinking long and hard about emergency power sources for mobile phones and they have come up with a solution that relies on years old technology. With the Mipwr case, you can protect and charge your iPhone by hand.

Dynamo Electricity

The team at Mipwr have used the 182 year old principle of Electromagnetic induction to enable people to use their phones in an emergency situation. Electromagnetic induction uses magnetic fields to control electricity. The plastic casing that will slip easily over the iPhone will contain a magnet. As the user pushes the paddle attached to the case, the magnet will be turned and begin to create an electric charge which in turn, gives the phone some juice (after the Mipwr backup battery that gives an additional 2 hours talk time has died as well).
With Mipwr technology, you don't need to worry about how long you browse on your iPhone.

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