Friday, 23 August 2013

Angry Fans lash at Wizkid, Damage His Porsche For Being Arrogant

The fact that you are now a star (celebrity) doesn't mean you should start looking down on others. Being a celebrity comes with responsibilities, such as how you handle your fans. This situation happened to Ayodeji Balogun a.k.a Wizkid as angry fans stone his car at the VFS Global Services, Lekki phase 1 in Lagos. According to the report Wizkid, dressed in White T-shirt and a Red Sofa Shoe came in a black Porshce Cayenne with covered number plates,already Wizkid have sneaked himself into the compound then came out into the hand of large crowd waiting to shake hand with him or snap photo with him and again the large crown was waiting for Wizkid to give them some money which Wizkid reluctant to do. But all effort for them to have Wizkid attention was in vain as Star Boy Wizkid drove his car out of the compound. Unfortunately for Wizkid, one of the many stones caught his car side glass but the Pakurumo crooner did not wait a second. Then later they started to do comparison between Wizkid and Durosoke Crooner Olamide on the street level. They arguing that Durosoke Crooner Olamide will not ignore them.