Thursday, 8 August 2013

Money making opportunity!!!!! Make up to N210000 per month.

Money making opportunity!!
You can  All depends on how smart you are.

Mocality is on its way to becoming Africa’s largest
business directory and they want YOU to help, AND
earn money while doing it!
Become a Mocality agent.

First you will need a WAP enabled phone, you can
earn extra if that phone has a camera and is
capable of uploading photos via the internet.
As an agent, you will be required to add businesses
and you can optionally upload photos of the business
- you will get paid extra for adding photos.
Add a Business (₦0)
Add a business by entering the business details,
including phone number, business name, address and
categories and earn ₦0. Mocality moderators will then
call the business to verify these details.
Your added business details are verified (₦75)
When a moderator calls the business and verifies that
the business details you added are correct, they will
approve the business and you will earn another ₦75.
Uploading a photo when adding a businesses (₦75)
When your photo includes the full business name, and
is legible, you earn an additional ₦75.
!! You must physically go to the business to verify
that it exists. You may not use any other sources of
business listings to add a business!!
You are required to physically visit the business to get
their details. We have also implemented data quality
checks to monitor the business details you add. If we
find incorrect data or that you are adding data from
other sources your account will be suspended and
you will not be paid... Read more at their site.