Monday, 26 August 2013

Two Kenyan Men have signed an agreement to marry the same woman

Sylvester Mwendwa
A Kenyan widow woman is set to marry not one, but two husbands. This practice is called polyandry.
Both men involved, whose names are Sylvester Mwendwa and Elijah Kimani, are committed to marry this widow, and to raise children from their relationship.

You might be asking how did this happen? How did they start? Well, one of them was said to have come across the photo of the other man in the phone of the woman. This prompted him to undergo a research about the other man, to ascertain what was the relationship between this other man and his lover, but he was shocked to discover that they both have been having an affair with the same woman. The situation almost got out of hand, as the both men confronted each other. It was a tug of war. Then They finally decided have a written agreement on how to continue with the relationship that lasted for four years, which made me ask myself is it legal for a woman to marry two men in Kenya? That question was answered by a BBC correspondent in Kenya who said polyandry isn't legal in Kenya. Although polygamy very common in Kenya, but polyandry is very unusual. This two guys are about breaking a record, if not only in Kenya, but in the world. I also learnt that where this two men a from, polyandry is totally unacceptable. When Sylvester was asked why he wanted to continue with the relationship, and whether there were no other woman for him to marry, he said he loved her so much and that he has open a vegetable shop for her, and that she is very industrious and hard working.

This is enough to raise a thousand and one question right now in your mind, just as I'm asking myself right now. How are they going to cope? Will they have a timetable on who's day it is to sleep with the lady?
What about the children, whose name are they going to bear? and so on. I'd love to know what's your thought on this. Feel free to drop a comment.

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