Sunday, 6 October 2013

Deadly Accident Along Oron Road Uyo ~ Drive Safely! Speed Kills!

                                                     Honda Accord
A deadly motor accident just occurred some hour ago around 10:12 pm along Oron road by Shelter Afrique, Uyo, Akwa Ibom State, between a jeep and a Honda accord.
The jeep was on a high speed trying to overtake the Honda accord, where the jeep collided with the Honda accord carrying a man and his family.
The jeep somersaulted high into the air and landed up side down, badly damaged beyond recognition. The Honda was badly damaged too. On seeing the dreadful sight, it was as though I was seeing it in a movie, but no, it was real.
After the crash and the somersaulting, we immediately ran into the scene to rescue any survivor.
Miraculously, we found the man who drove the Honda, and his kids came out unscratched, but the wife sustended some injuries on her right foot. Seeing how high the jeep somersaulted and fell up side down. Also how badly damaged it was, beyond recognition, I never thought that anyone inside it would not survive. But to the glory of God, we found the man alive. Although he was seriously injured. With the help of other sympathetic people who rushed to the scene, we managed to over turn the jeep, and pull the man out alive.
As I looked inside the jeep, I saw 'The Lord's Chosen Charismatic' apron on the car seat. He must been a member of that church. We wanted to rush the man to a hospital, but he bluntly refused to be taken to a hospital. I later left the scene, when the situation came under control.
                                                          on lookers at the scene
To those of you out there who drives, please drive safely, less speed and remember that your family at home are waiting for your safe return.
You don't need the Federal Road Safety Corp to tell you that Speed Kills!

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