Thursday, 26 September 2013

Samsung To Launch Its Golden Galaxy S4 Soon

Following the release of Apple's Gold iPad 5, and Gold 5s Samsung obviously don’t want to be left behind in the gold rush. Samsung has decided to step up their game to meet up with the fast and furious challenge in the mobile market. This has prompted Samsung to announce that  it will be launching its own golden phone soon.

The new Gold Edition Galaxy S4 will be available in two options, a Gold Pink model or a Gold Brown. The technology company has been showing off the new handsets on its United Arab Emirates social media outlets.

It is unlikely that these luxurious handsets will reach global distribution but instead look to be targeted at a well-off demographic, similar to the one that the Nokia Oro was aimed at.

But at least Samsung can say it too has a golden flagship product.
With all these new flamboyant phones and devices, I'm just wandering whether one can afford all of them at the same time smh.  

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