Wednesday, 25 September 2013

Smart-Watch ~ Sony Smartwatch 2 Vs Samsung Galaxy Gear

Smartwatch are a unique tech around, smarter than your mobile phones I bet. They've been around for some time now, but the technology of the devices brought to market so far haven’t been the Secret Service/James Bond style that everyone pictures when they say the word “smartwatch”. Now though, Sony and Samsung seem to have stepped up their game and are going head to head in a considerably more exciting battle of the smartwatches than we've seen to date.

Bellow are the specification for the two watches

Sony Smartwatch 2 Specification
1.6 inch display 220 x 176 pixels
Aluminum body with interchangeable straps
Micro USB Charging with 3- 4 day battery life (average use)
NFC and Bluetooth connectivity
$262 out late September 2013

Samsung Galaxy Gear Specification
1.63 inch display 320 x 320 pixels
Stainless steel body
Snap-on USB 3,0 charging with 24+ hours heavy use
Bluetooth 3.0 connectivity
$299 out October

The Samsung Galaxy Gear seems to have a sharper display. In fact Samsung are proud to say that the display is bright enough not to be affected by sunlight. No cupping your hand over the smartwatch’s face to tell the time.

Both the Samsung and the Sony are nicely designed although the Sony Smartwatch 2 offers a little more flexibility for its users with interchangeable straps.

Both watches are extremely app friendly (of course), but Samsung have an advantage with this as they've secured partnerships with some of the more popular app developers. Also, when it comes to running apps, the Samsung model might be slightly better as the CPU is faster than its competitors.

Sony Smartwatch doesn’t have all the features Samsung has users can still use the watch to call friends and family but only with a Bluetooth headset as there isn’t a mic or speakers. But what kind of spy could do without a waterproof watch? Sony’s watch allows its user to swim whereas the Samsung will only protect them from a shower.

You probably may be asking "Which is Best?" Well, the one thing that will undoubtedly let the Samsung watch down is the fact that it is only compatible with the Samsung Galaxy Note 3. A short way down the road there will be updates to make it compatible with the S3, S4 and Note 2. In comparison, the Sony watch is compatible with any android phone that operates Android 4.0. the options are almost endless.
Take a pick. Make your choice

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