Tuesday, 27 August 2013

Unusual Jet Car built by a Nigerian

Mr. Kehinde Durojaiye Obasanjo who's dream is to be a renown aviator, built a locally made engine in a contraption that runs on road and sea.
 This is what I called talent. I wish the Nigerian government will give this poor man some support by sending him abraod for further training. This raw talent needs to be refined.
SaharaTV found him operating the contraption in Ikeja to attract minor donors who collected his Compact Disk in which he said he recorded its operation on water.
Mr. Obasanjo said he designed it to operate on three mediums: ground, water and air, but has only achieved two due to financial constraints. But for now, the invention can only run on ground and water.
He said he had contacted State Governments of Lagos and Ogun to find support, but he only got their promise since beginning of 2013.

Source: www.naij.com

READ MORE: http://news.naij.com/45109.html

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