Tuesday, 27 August 2013

Google is Producing it’s own Self-Driven Car

In some years back, Google one of the worlds leading search engine was just a site where you can search words, things, answers and etc. Now Google is far expanding, growing bigger than our wildest imaginations. It has been reported that Google is trying to design and produce a car that can drive itself. They have apparently been discussing building a vehicle to its own specifications with contract manufacturers. This news comes as Mountain View have still been unable to find a company that will incorporate its self-drive technology in a car.

 As well as producing self-driven cars, Google have also had the bright idea of providing a robo-taxi service, where autonomous cars would drive around, collecting passengers on request. So far it is not clear whether this would be run through Google or another company. The service would still require a human to be behind the wheel just in case the car needed starting in an emergency, but Google are still keen to look for ways to bring the auto-taxi service into the mainstream. Google have apparently been in talks with the auto parts maker Continental AG about the possibilities of producing a car but it has still not ruled out the option of finding a major car producer to partner with, in bringing the self-drive technology to the market. For now Google is keeping its options open. It could be that Google isn't the one who actually brings autonomous vehicles to the market, but at least by continuing discussions, it keeps the possibility at the forefront of car manufacturers minds. The Frankfurt Motor Show is due early in September, so keep an eye out just in case Google do make any announcements.

Source: TechRadar.com

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