Wednesday, 28 August 2013

500 Syrian Scud missiles is reported to be targeting Israel

A mid the ongoing unrest in Syria that has claimed hundreds of lives, Syrian hatred for Israel seems to be unending.
Lebanese website reported that Syrian Army Award 500 Scud missiles and directed them toward Israel.

 According to the report, which received validation from anyone, Russian-made missiles have warheads weighing half a ton “Syria deployed 500 Scud missiles and guided them towards Israel” – The site reports that the Lebanese Allachbrih lubnaniyya. According to the site, during the last days of Syrian forces deployed Russian-made ballistic missiles, which have warheads weighing half a ton. According to the report, there is a large military alert in the border area of Israel, for fear of Syrian President Bashar Assad, fighting for survival against the rebels will use this weapon. Was not even an official report on the report.